June 9, 2010

Team Management

Why do swimming clubs need a Team Manager?

If Pembrokeshire or one of it’s development clubs competes in a league, enters and travels to open meets / Championships as a team or organises any other group activity we need someone willing and capable to ensure that all the necessary arrangements for that activity are in place. We need Team Managers.

The appointed Team Manager does not have to carry the load of making all the arrangements for an event – an essential part of the role is to delegate, where appropriate, whilst still ensuring that everything necessary is adequately covered.

What tasks are covered by a Team Manager?

  • Work in partnership with the Lead Coach on all aspects of the event.
  • Make all arrangements for travel and, if appropriate, accommodation.
  • Obtain as many details as possible about the event and make available to team members
  • By an assessment of the risks involved put in place procedures that will make all activities as safe as possible for all the participants.
  • Ensure the athletes and team staff have been selected and informed
  • Check they are all available and if not that reserves have been notified.
  • Ensure all the team have been entered into the event
  • Make sure ALL team members have written details of the arrangements for the event including; details of the event, assembly, travel arrangements, accommodation (if necessary – including address and contact number) what to bring, what will be provided, who to contact for more information, where team will return to after event etc.
  • Deal with any problems as (or preferably before) they happen:- ahead of, during and after the event
  • Make sure that contact details are available for all team members for emergency use during the event
  • Keep records to help in planning future events
  • Check, double check and check again all arrangements.


Personal attributes required of a Team Manager

  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Effective organiser with an attention to detail
  • An effective communicator and negotiator
  • Proven record keeping abilities
  • Open minded with a sense of humour
  • Able to make decisions. Be persuasive and assertive – make things happen. The ability to think on your feet
  • Able to think ahead and remain calm and controlled in challenging situations
  • Friendly and approachable


Training available from Swim Wales

  • Swim Wales / Sports Council Wales Team Manager Training

i)                    Workshop 1 Foundations of Effective Team Management

ii)                  Workshop 2 Effective Management of Teams Overnight and Overseas

  • Advice and support
  • Opportunity to gain experience with Regional and National squads


Requirements to become a Club Team Manager

  • Registered club member
  • Attend Swim Wales / Sports Council Wales Team Manager Training – Workshop 1
  • DBS Checked
  • Have attended accredited Safeguarding Children In Sport Course


Additional knowledge recommended to Club Team Managers

  • IT and computer skills
  • Understanding of swimming procedures (appeals etc.)
  • Knowledge of first aid


Personal skills that good Club Team Managers develop

  • Understanding of the needs of both athletes and team staff
  • Ability to delegate and develop support mechanisms
  • Ability to supervise and develop others
  • An adaptable and flexible approach
  • Confidence