June 3, 2010

Pembrokeshire Partnership


The partnerships formed within Pembrokeshire are crucial to the success of the aquatics pathway.

Learn-to-Swim Programme

The Learn-to-Swim (LTS) programme is ran by Pembrokeshire County Council and coordinated by locally based centre coordinators. The LTS uses the National Teaching Plan for Swimming as developed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

Water Dragons Programme

The Water Dragons initiative, designed by Swim Wales and implemented by Pembrokeshire County Council & Development Clubs, is aimed at ensuring that there are seamless pathway opportunities for swimmers to progress from Learn-to-Swim programmes (LTS) into Pembrokeshire Development Clubs. Water Dragons is the club-link between the LTS and the Development Club. Coached by the club, it’s aim is to bridge the gap between LTS & club, ensuring that a swimmer moves from the comfort zone of the LTS into a club environment without fear or trepidation. This is an opportunity for the clubs to provide an exciting and motivational fun based programme for the swimmers joining them.

School Swim Programme

School swimming is linked with the Learn-to-Swim programmes. Locally based School Swimming Coordinators, employed by Pembrokeshire Leisure, coordinate the centre programmes. All programmes are run to the National Teaching Plan. Pembrokeshire has decided to challenge ther school programme by raising the benchmark above the the baseline for school swimming set by the Welsh Assembly, from Stage 6 by the end of year 6. Anybody who is of suitable level and interested in club swimming is advised by the School Swimming Coordinator to approach the local development club.

School swimming coordinators organise individual and local school swimming galas. They assist in the selection for regional and county galas. Our Pembrokeshire County Swimming Competitions sub-committee helps in the running of regional and county school swimming galas throughout Pembrokeshire. There are a few club volunteers who assist the schools during individual and local galas.

Development Club Programmes

All Development Clubs within Pembrokeshire who are involved in the direct debit scheme are represented at the Pembrokeshire County Swimming Committee and have voting rights as designated by the development club. Members are asked to provide regularly feedback on the progress of the Development Club and receive feedback about the progress of Pembrokeshire County Swimming.

The Development Clubs are the foundation of competitive swimming in the County and often link with other aquatic organisations such as Pembrokeshire Waterpolo, Pembrokeshire Puffins Disability Swimming Club, Octopush or Lifesaving.